32″ lcd arrived in the post today..

The 32″ samsung lcd i ordered for my girlfriend’s birthday finally arrived from Germany after about 2 weeks. Thankfully, it arrived in one piece and is in full working order. Quality is superb and it looks great so she should love it. At 32″ it’s a bit big for a small-ish bedroom, but the bigger the better 😛 She can shove it in the corner and view it from the opposite corner which is the good thing.

I bought it from www.hardwareversand.de. They charge €20 for delivery to Ireland which is quite good, considering the size and weight of a 32″ lcd. They only accept bank transfer however like most German stores. No credit card or paypal. That’s probably the only negative as it takes 5/6 days to go through. Apart from that i’ve had no problems with them and at the end of the day, i’ve grabbed a bargain 😎

I’ve hooked it up to my laltop via s-video and it works great too. So when the gf gets a laptop, she can use it as a supersize screen 🙂

Here’s a few pics i took. The only trouble i had was with the power plug. It came with a 2 pin plug, but here in Ireland and the UK, we use 3 pin. But eventualy, i found an adapter and got it working..


here it is on my bed..

check out the connectivity…


displaying my desktop….


So all in all, i’m happy with my purchase. At €659 including delivery, it’s one of the cheapest 32″ brand name lcd’s i’ve come across. The same model in a shop where i live, costs over €900 🙄 That’s the sort of crap we have to put up with here in Ireland. I never buy any electronic stuff here anymore. Ebay and cheap German websites are my friends :mrgreen:

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