301 days of non stop blogging

300 days

This is the 301st blog post on smemon.com in the last 301 days. One a day, every day, without fail… i’ve definitely earned the write to call myself a blogger. A proper one, not just a one post a month / when i feel like it blogger…

It all started as a new years resolution – to go the entire year without missing a day of blogging. I failed on day 2 (January 2nd). Apart from that blip, i’ve been ultra consistent – no excuses, i must blog daily.

In February i gave myself another little challenge; to design daily. Since February 21st, i’ve been designing daily too, without fail. A total of 252 custom designed 750px x 250px images in photoshop, many of which have ended up being used by some big names online.

This is definitely an achievement… doing anything for 300 days in a row isn’t easy. Bank holidays, Sundays, trips away, in sickness and in health across all seasons… it’s the ultimate test of commitment. Of course there are days when i don’t feel like blogging or designing… for example these past few days i’ve had a bit of a cold, felt tired etc… i didn’t feel like working my brain for an hour or so but i did it and can now look back and say i did something useful, despite the fact i didn’t appreciate it at the time. I kept the run going, kept pushing myself and challenging myself even when self motivation was at it’s lowest…

Planning & organizing also play a huge role. For example, right this second i’m in a graduation ceremony, probably twiddling my thumbs waiting for my name to be called out. This post is scheduled to publish itself at 1.15pm even though i wrote it at about 1am. That’s planning and thinking ahead… essential to ensure the wheels keep moving at all times, even if there’s nobody driving 😉

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