30 days worth of designs


On the 21st of February, i started creating custom designed images to go alongside every blog post on this blog. Blogging daily isn’t easy. Blogging & designing daily? Surely a step too far…

But no. I’ve been blogging daily for over 80 days without fail and designing daily for 30 days on the bounce. Here’s what i’ve done in terms of design…. (warning: this post might take a while to load!)

smemon old -v- new

love hate relationship

michael jackson hard drive

new theme

custom search

vintage irish fans


chrome extensions

feb 2010 review

anything but IE

brazil -v- ireland


to do

where it belongs


usb storage

google jigsaw


sweating blood

the dkit down philosophy


cutbacks on domains and hosting



login, bash, logout


irish college websites

nothing to something

easter holidays

The reason i wanted to combine blogging daily with designing daily was to improve the quality of ‘output’ on this blog. I think i’ve done that. If you don’t like what i’m writing there’s a good chance you’ll like the images or vice versa… text on its own is boring – i hate text. It’s the main reason why i never read books. No matter how interesting you are or how well you write, i just won’t read anything that isn’t visually attractive to me.

Blogs can be the same… without images, i get bored easily. It’s the same in emails. You can’t really put images in to emails but you can space paragraphs out to make them easier to read. I put paragraphs in not where they’re ‘supposed’ to go, but whenever i feel a block of text is getting too big. Like now… right after this sentence.

I do it instinctively to break up text – i don’t even think about doing it, it’s something that has naturally crept in to my writing style. Is it good, is it bad? I don’t care. All i know is that it looks good and makes reading my own posts less boring because their structure is more pleasing on the eye (well, on my eyes).

Anyway, back to the images and they’ve all been designed in photoshop. All 750px (width) by 250px (height). I chose that exact size just because it looked good – i experimented with smaller & larger sizes but didn’t think they fitted in as well on this blog.

When designing an image for a blog post i’ll create the image after i’ve written the post (9 times out of 10). On occassion, i’ll start on a design and that will then inspire the blog post. I just do whatever i feel works at the time. Although the images bunched together above look incredibly random, they all have something in common – they summarize what their respective blog posts are about. That’s deliberate, that’s my only real ‘rule’ when creating all images – they all have to be related to the post in some way.

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  1. Good goin Sean… Particularly like the current blogging image, anything but IE, sweating blood, einstein and hosting. Love the standard size too! If you keep this up you'll build a nice portfolio and will even be able to use them again in 6 months time..

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