3 essential travel gadgets

I’m in Sweden at the minute, on a nice little weekend breakaway. On all my travels, there are 3 essential gadgets that come with me. I could survive with just one – my n95 as it has the features of the other two, but lacks the battery to handle heavy constant use… anyway here are 3;

Casio Exilim Ex-S600


This is my digital camera. Slim, sleek, sexy and capable of taking near dvd quality video, with 6mp photo’s. A real point and snap type camera that i can take anywhere with me as it’s so light and compact. I’ve a 2gig memory card inside her, with a spare 1gig card at the ready.

Nokia n95


This baby does me as a ‘backup’ camera/video recorder should my main camera run out of battery juice. And it’s not exactly a weak backup, boasting a 5mp camera with the same video recording ability of my main camera plus i also have a 2gb micro sd inside my n95 😈

The n95 is also a GPS system. Sweden is very close to Nokia’s birthplace – Finland, so no doubt the mapping technology will be top notch. The in built GPS doesn’t compare for example to a standalone system like my nuvi 610T, but it’s a bloody lifesaving tool to have in cities where you don’t know where anything is. I used it in London and it probably shaved hours off my journey times.

It doesn’t stop there though, the n95 is also an mp3 player so technically, my n95 is all i need, but i like to have my ipod and camera with me as using all the n95’s features non stop for hours on end will kill the battery fairly quickly 😉

And of course, let’s not forget, the n95 also a mobile phone and uses wi-fi for internet browsing :mrgreen:



My classic 30gb ipod video comes with me on all my travels. Very handy when in airports, planes, on buses/trains etc… and combined with my shure e3c headphones, you will not hear better sounding music anywhere 😎

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  1. I’m near enough the same when it comes to my essentials – except my camera isn’t pocket-sized…it’s a big, awkward, neck paining Digital SLR! My new phone has a 3.2 MP camera on it, so that does for random momentary photos when I don’t have the camera with me.

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