3 down, 3 to go

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I sat my third exam today and it’s a case of 3 down, 3 to go. Everything has gone smoothly so far – i’ve passed all comfortably. Tomorrow i have one of my weaker subjects (on paper) although i’ve already got about 21% out of 40% in CA marks, meaning i can pass the module with just 14% out of 60% in this exam. So i need a minimum of 23% out of 100% on tomorrow’s paper to pass – shouldn’t be too difficult.

So it looks like i’ll power my way through these exams and might even come out with that 70% average i set down for myself at the start of the semester 🙂 On the downside, i’m back on anti-biotics for another week or so after an x-ray came back looking not too good. Looks like i had/have pneumonia or pleursisy or some sort of nasty lung infection. It shut me down last week for a few days where i didn’t even bother turning on the PC and just stayed in bed watching TV.

Thankfully i was off last week from college; had my exams been on then i may well have had to skip them although i probably would have went in anyway, even if it did mean sacrificing my health slightly in the short term – it’d be worth it as NOT doing these exams would be like putting myself under a grill in the summer. I’d have 12 exams, 12 different modules, 1 full years worth of material – no margin for error.

That would be playing in the back of my mind from Christmas right up until summer – that’s just the way my brain works. It creates a list of things to do and doesn’t rest until they’re all done. Once i get these Christmas exams over with, i can rest easy and focus on my online work for the next month or so.

I feel back to normal now although still not 100%. About 90% and improving 1% per day. Most importantly my brain is 100% functional which is all that matters to me this week really.

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