2nd year in college – here i come

On Wednesday, i tried ringing my college literally 10 times throughout the day and couldn’t get through at all… so i sent them an email. The problem i had was about registration for 2nd year. Other people had gotten their letters and dates – i got nothing. Some people were even registering Thursday and Friday (today) which meant i had to get in touch with the college quickly! Time to panic :mrgreen:

Still no sign of an email or any post on Thursday so again, i tried ringing several times and eventually got through. I was told i couldn’t register until i had gotten the results of my repeat maths exam on September 10th.

Damn, not only could i not register, i’d have to miss 2 days of college. So i’d be playing catch up instantly plus i could guarantee there’d be a big mix up when i show up for classes not on the books and not having registered…

So then Sean from Leateds scanned and emailed me a copy of his registration letter… he failed the same subject as me, he’s in the same class etc… and he got a registration letter… WTF!

So this morning, Friday, i rang back AGAIN… for the third successive day and after a bit of explaining eventually i was told to call in today and register. Great – a nice two hour round drive that i didn’t want 😉 I got sorted eventually and i’m all signed up for year 2. I go back on September 9th so next week will be my last week of freedom 🙂

On the way up, some guy in a merc overtook me at what must have been 150km/hr+ on a fairly dangerous stretch of road… totally blind and i could see him shooting up behind me in my rearview mirror. Pure luck that nothing was coming in the oncoming direction. Northern reg plates, and he continued leap frogging cars in front on white lines and coming up to junctions… almost suicidal driving!

I was hoping i’d see him lying in a ditch later up the road… no excuses for that. People like that end up as statistics and sympathy headlines in newspapers. I’ve no sympathy for clowns who drive like maniacs and end up killing themselves – better them than innocent people they could potentially take with them.

2 thoughts on “2nd year in college – here i come”

  1. Alot of secretaries will fob you off with excuses just to get you off the phone – they did that to me in school when I rang and asked if they could inform my Year Head I was away and won’t be in the first day – guess what, they never informed him!

    And as for imbecilities like that, I had one trying to overtake me at a bend the other night nearly ramming me into a barrier as she was driving into the path of oncoming traffic! It won’t be long until their just a statistic – and they don’t care who they kill or injure neither I’d bet! I suppose if they caused a crash they’d either run or refuse to admit liability!


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