2nd best SEO in Ireland

The geansai gorm SEO competition is finally over and i’ve bagged a very respectable 2nd spot. The site hit no.2 spot yesterday, much to my amazement as it had slid down the pecking order last week.

No change in things today which means i came second behind Paul Savage’s mybluejumper.com. I’m delighted with that performance. I was ‘taken out’ last week with cold/flu/fatigue and so didn’t do much on the site itself. Had i got that week back maybe i could have pushed for top spot.

Some interesting things to note are;

  • bluejumpernews.com (my entry) was the only site in the top 10 results to be hosted on a non-irish host/server. It begs the question, had i been on an Irish server, could i have nipped in to get top spot? Reason being, google have said before that server location plays a role in SEO.
  • bluejumpernews.com ranks no.1 for ‘geansai gorm’ in yahoo.com (there’s no equivalent of google.ie, only yahoo ‘pages from ireland’ which is like google ‘pages from ireland’).
  • bluejumpernews.com has 11 pages indexed and 33 incoming links according to yahoo, 41 pages indexed, 1 incoming link according to google. The winner, mybluejumper.com has 1 page and 1 incoming link according to yahoo, 37 pages indexed, 42 incoming links according to google.

I’ve learned a great deal from this SEO competition and picked up a lot of tips. Although it’s nice to come second, i’m sort of disappointed i came that high purely because it shows i’m not that far off the pace when it comes to aggressive SEO’ing. Had i come 14th or 15th or something i would have been angry and eager to learn more.

But bluejumpernews.com WILL continue to grow and as i’ve said before, i won’t stop developing it until it becomes no.1 for the term geansai gorm – doesn’t matter how long it takes, it’ll be nailing that no.1 spot at some stage as that was the objective from the start.

So my first SEO competition ends in what i’d call success – 2nd place. Now i’ve set the bar for myself, next time anything less than 1st won’t be good enough 😈

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