250 free business cards..

Business cards are something i always wanted to have but just forgot about.. they’re fairly cheap and for the sake of a few euro, worth it as it can be the difference between an extra bit of business and no business at all.

They act as a casual but at the same time very business like ‘first stage of sale’ in that you’re giving people your contact details.. in most cases, that means they’re interested in your services.. It’s a bit like a guy/girl situation in a niteclub.

If the girl is hot and flirting with you, you might ask for her number. That number is in effect, her business card. You’ve had some sort of a relationship and that number gives you the choice to further that relationship and buy her services or invest in them 🙂 So they are handy to have about the place… it also looks professional and looks like you’re serious about your business if you can whip out a business card rather than write your number on a piece of paper 😎

So yeah, they do get chucked in the bin 90% of the time, but you can’t deny they’re value. And as they’re dirt cheap, they ultimately pay for themselves. So yes, i’ve gone ahead and ordered 250 business cards.


Why 250? They were FREE :mrgreen: (at vistaprint) Follow that link and you get 25% off everything by the way 😉

I just had to pay packaging and postage which totalled about €6 (you didn’t think they were 100% free did you? This is Ireland after all). I’d class them as an investment. Not an impulse buy or junk purchase. I was however influenced by Mark over at Walsho.net who’s post triggered me to buy some.

God knows how i’m going to get rid of 250 of them though, that’s a lifetime’s supply for me :mrgreen:

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  1. Ah good to see you ordered some, be sure to give us a look at them when they arrive. They’re quite handy actually, any new people I met at a party last night was given one! I ordered mine from that site, they came from England using the cheapest method possible and were shipped on a Saturday and I got them the following Friday, so not long to wait.
    Cheers for the shout out also. :mrgreen:

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