248 days of non stop blogging

248 blog posts

On January 2nd, i failed to publish a blog post. That makes it the only day in 2010 thus far that i haven’t published a blog post. This is day 248 of my latest (and longest) blogging streak. Think that’s impressive? Well i don’t know about impressive, but it’s certainly unusual…

Design Streak

What’s even more unusual is the fact that i’ve now designed 199 images in 199 days in photoshop to complement my last 199 blog posts. So not only have a i mastered blogging daily, i’ve also mastered designing daily.

Everything is fuel

In movies, when people are stuck up in mountains in freezing temperatures with a bag of cash beside them, they’ll burn the cash to keep warm. They’ll kill anything that moves for food. With blogging, i find myself doing the exact same thing (well, almost the exact same thing). At this stage (blogging daily over such a long period), everything that i see, hear or interact with becomes a potential blog post. That’s just the way it is.

I’m subconsciously hunting for material to blog about… looking for anything out of the ordinary. Quite often, my searches will come up with nothing. So i have to create something out of the ordinary… And this is the best bit about blogging daily…

You’re FORCED in to being creative (well, i am anyway). Because i’m under pressure to blog about something daily (or find something to talk about) i’m more likely to seize opportunities, take risks, learn something new or do something new for the sake of blogging about it.

Now i don’t consciously think to myself “i have to blog about something today” and carry that thought around with me… at this stage i don’t have to, it’s just natural… subconscious. Come 11pm and if i have nothing to write about, then it becomes conscious… i have to really think quickly and come up with something but more often than not, by that stage i already know what i’m gonna blog about.

I’m more aware & observant and tend to remember more detail when i’m in ‘blogging mode’. I suppose that’s the way a journalist is when it comes to their own area – always hunting for stories or breaking news. The beauty of a blog is that the subject matter can quite literally be anything you want it to be.

All good things must come to an end

With a streak like this, it’s a fall waiting to happen. When it does happen, i’m not going be happy. But all i have to do is just keep doing what i’m doing. You can question the sense in spending an hour or more every single day doing something which takes a lot of creative energy out of you and results in zero financial reward, but all i can say in response to that is that i believe the positives outweigh the negatives. For starters i can look at that image above and be just as stunned as you are 😉

“Did i really design all of those and create a post for each one?”. “Yes”, i can assure myself. They’re mine, all mine, along with many more.

In truth, i probably can’t explain the exact benefits i get from blogging, but i know that when i blog and when i think about blogging, there’s a lot going on in that head of mine and i can’t replicate that same level of creativity doing anything else. So for now, this 248 day blogging streak looks set to continue well in to the future.

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