2010 tech stuff

I mentioned yesterday i’ve a PS3 on the way and i’ll also be getting a new 32″ Full HD LCD too in 2010. Will that be it though for 2010? Probably not.

Happy 2010!
Creative Commons License photo credit: jepoirrier

I could do with a new swivel chair and this time next year i’d imagine i’ll be thinking about a new phone. My n95 does the job & more, but i’ll have had it almost 3 years in May 2010 which is a long time in phone land. I’d expect apple to be announcing a new iphone later in the year and i could well be buying one – simply for the applications.

I don’t need a laptop… my netbook gets me by when on the move or at college. My desktop & monitors will be 2 years old in May 2010 but i’d expect to get another 2 years + from them.

One thing i could do with is some extra storage space. I’ll probably invest in an external hard drive or two and set up some sort of proper backup schedule / system. I have an external 250GB drive but that’s not enough to back up everything i have…. A portable /’passport’ usb powered hard drive would also come in handy. USB drives annoy me because i’m so used to working & storing things ‘in the cloud’.

In 2010 i hope to get a new car though at some stage, so i could well just hibernate any cash i have for that.

Once i get the PS3 & TV my room will be choc-a-block full of pretty expensive technology (well, expensive at the time i bought it). I’d estimate everything has cost about €7,000 in total. Obviously the value of older stuff has plummeted to virtually €0, but that’s part and parcel of how things work in technology.

Because i’m aiming to build a career for myself in this area, i see it all as an investment and one which is already starting to pay for itself.

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