2 weeks of freedom remaining

In just over 2 weeks time i’ll be back at college, starting my 3rd and final year in a degree in Computer Applications & Support. I’ve managed to cope pretty well with the first two years but this year will be a challenge.

Success !!!
Creative Commons License photo credit: mhonpoo

I have much more work on this year than i would have had last year. I have a few projects that are near completion and will be launching this year (2009), so i’ll have to juggle them along with college work.

Although i can’t dictate what i learn in my course, i will be trying to study php, mysql and do more with css and javascript this year. I can do enough with photoshop to keep me happy for now, but i would like to design and code templates from scratch. If i really wanted to, i could do so at the minute, but i want it to become second nature to me… much like blogging is to me now, or like designing logos are…

It was never my aim to become a master at any one area in IT… doing so would limit my career options so i’m happy to become a jack of all trades 🙂 Most of what i know and have learned though isn’t down to my college course.

The college lifestyle has taken pressure off me to get a job and that’s the real benefit of it for me. College is buying me time to learn & experiment, plus it’s ultimately filling a CV so there are many benefits of college…

Anyway, with just 2 weeks left, time is running out for me and i’ll have to start putting together a time management plan where i fit college around my own work & study, not the other way around.

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