2 weeks of college left

Starting today, i’ve 10 days of college left until i get off for a week. I’m then back for exams the week after.

But in reality, i’m finished now and i’ll just pop in to auto-pilot mode for the next two weeks. Two of my six modules are 100% continuous assessment based which in plain english means i don’t have summer exams and instead have mini exams every few weeks.

Here’s how i think i’ve done thus far in all my modules;

  • Maths – problem. I have about 15% out of 30% so far. Not good enough. I’m out of my comfort zone on this one and i’ll actually have to do work in order to get a respectable score.
  • Databases – done & dusted, i need 1% in a 50% summer exam to pass 🙂
  • Computer Systems – again done and dusted, i should go in to the summer exam having passed already 🙂
  • Personal Skills Development – too easy, passed by simply turning up. (100% CA module)
  • Software Development – i’ll probably go in with about 30-40% out of 50% to the summer exam, meaning it should be a case of turning up in the summer to pass.
  • Web Client Technologies – rallied up for this one. I’ve about 22% on the table so far having JUST passed an XHTML exam which caught me off guard. I’m aiming for the full 50% in the next exam and should get it. (100% CA module).

My main aim was to pass the year without breaking sweat and i’m almost there. I’ve had to work for it – it’s been slightly tougher than i expected, but nothing i’m not capable off. It’s always disappointing to fail or nearly fail exams, i like to pass them with marks to spare… anything under 50% is too close for comfort in my eyes.

Having said that, failing exams wouldn’t phase me one bit. They’re only exams. Life goes on. I hate to see people worrying and stressing over exams… i believe going in to exams with a clear head and being relaxed is crucial… that’s probably why i don’t fail any 😀

So i’ll be doing 2nd year for sure, it will be a step up of course but then again i feel i still have one or two gears to go up to myself 😉

When i come back in september, fingers crossed BeerChief will be up and running and gaining popularity. I can then use my college status to propel it in to the local, national & hopefully international student vocabulary 🙂

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