2 horse race already?

Today was a massive day in football;

Liverpool -v- ManUtd

Arsenal -v- Chelsea

So not much work done today and hence the late post.

ManUtd won 1-0; get in there. I’m sick of the drivel Liverpool fans come out with before matches like this. I could easily get myself banned from forums once i start tearing into their fantasy of winning the league – a fantasy which is becoming really tired now, having not making it become a reality for what? 1718 years?

The Liverpool fans were petty and claiming literally everything throughout the match – i hate that. Shouting and jeering if a Utd player went anywhere near a liverpool player. It was as if anytime Utd went to tackle, it should have been a liverpool free kick.

Now this is football, thats what home fans do – i expect that, but not on todays level… believe me, i’ve been at my fair share of matches 😉 but it was ridiculous today imo and it makes victory all the more sweeter for us Utd fans – knowing the defeat will leave a very bitter taste in some big mouths.

Arsenal won the other match, which now leaves things looking like a 2 horse race for the title, with a 5 point gap now seperating second from third… Liverpool and Chelsea fans will have something to say about that but that’s the way things stand at present.

Liverpool can be completely discarded from the race now having failed to beat Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd at home 😎

The title will end up at Arsenal or Utd, with the outside bet as Chelsea. I didn’t think Arsenal had it in them this year, but after today, you have to take them seriously.

2 thoughts on “2 horse race already?”

  1. We raped Chelsea up the arse… Cech did a nice one 😆

    As for Liverpool, their wanker fans have been bleating about ‘finally’ competing for the league all season… argh! 🙄

    Arsenal FTW 😉

  2. good weekend for us The University Kid 😎

    i like arsenal this year.. much more likeable now that likes of cole, vieira, henry etc are out of there..

    it’s just pure footballing talent… no ego’s.

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