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It’s been a very long first term for me in college. I started back on September 7th and it’s only now i’m getting a ‘break’. My timetable has also been harsh this semester… 9-5 daily and i get off at 4 on a Friday. Living about an hour away from college, you can slap another 2 hours on to that 9-5…

I get up at 7am, leave at 7.30am and aren’t home ’til just after 6pm. Add to that study time at home and assignments etc… and it’s a long week.

I also try to blog daily here, inevitably i’ll suffer from ‘burn out’ if i keep that pace up, which is the reason why i’ve taken the odd ‘day off’ like yesterday on this blog.

Yesterday i completed a custom made mp3 file for our video project which took some time. I’ve also completed several short animations and effects for it. The bulk of the work will be done next week when i’m off from college for a week :mrgreen:

This video project is by far and away my biggest college project to date and also by biggest video project to date. Even though it’s not actually worth *that* much, it’s just something that we’ve all decided to go for and do to the best of our ability.

My plan from day one was to average around 70% in all exams and so far i’ve managed that. At the minute my average is around 75% and my lowest score so far in any exam has been 57%, which is also my worst subject.

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