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The designer in me has come back to life recently. My last webmaster resources post is dated July 08. I’ve been toying around with photoshop cs4 however this week – properly ‘studying’ it. If you’re an average Joe using a PC, you’ll most likely stick with the default font for every single bit of text you create…

Whether it’s Microsoft Word, forum posts, emails, paint or photoshop – most people don’t bother with fonts. They can make or break a design though. A few weeks ago, i told you how to create your own custom made font. Easy.

Now i’m gonna list some pretty cool FREE font resources i’ve come across recently;

1. Fontcubes


There’s plenty of free font sites out there, but fontcubes keeps it simple and only display quality fonts. This is one of my favorite font sites.

2. Font Squirrel


Another free font site with some quality fonts on show. Site was only created last month, so it’s not as large as the others but still worth bookmarking ๐Ÿ˜‰

3. Facelift


This transforms your standard text on a website in to any font you want (it then converts the new font to an image). For webmasters, they’ll see the value in this straight away. A couple of lines of code changes that Arial font to something more snazzy – no worries about browser support of invalid CSS – you’re effectively using images, not text. Handy for headers, titles etc…

4. Safe List


This page displays a list of browser safe fonts and their names in both Windows and MAC. Every webmaster needs to know this – if you’re going near fonts or CSS – it’s a link worth bookmarking and reading and referring to.

5. Da Font


Possibly the biggest source for your free fonts. There ain’t many fonts that you wont find here. Just bookmark it – you’re probably gonna download the entire site if you haven’t done so already ๐Ÿ˜‰

6. 1001 Free Fonts


Another simple site which is nice and easy to use. Big previews and nice big download buttons – the way it should be.

7. Urban Fonts


This is a beautifully designed site with a huge collection of free fonts. If you’re not in to browsing and wasting time, head straight for the kill with the top 100 fonts section.

8. Abstract Fonts


Nice AJAXy site which makes it easy to use. Click on any font to reveal more information. You can sign up and favourite / vote for font’s too.

9. Simply The Best


I’d question whether it lives up to it’s domain name or not, but this collection of fonts is certainly worth a look.

10. Neat Fonts


Not the biggest or prettiest font site out there, but it does the job and it’s worth a look.

11. Misprinted Type


Small, personal collection of free (mainly grunge) fonts.

12. Show Font


This site has over 2700 diggs. Enough said really… large collection of quality, free fonts.

13. Creamundo


Massive collection of free fonts. Site design/usability could do with some work, but if you stick around you’ll find some really cool fonts here.

14. Webpage Publicity


Overlooking the ugly site design, there are a few nice fonts here and quite a large collection of free fonts.

15. DSG 4


Collection of pixel fonts – handy for flash sites or those with limited space…. and old school retro games fans ๐Ÿ˜‰

16. Smeltery


Small collection of free fonts – most of them extremely creative and unique.

17. Font Struct


This is a really cool font resource. Create your own font, download fonts other people have created… check it out and bookmark it – fontstruct is one of the best font tools out there.

18. AMP Font Viewer


I have over 2000 fonts installed on my home PC. One major problem with having that any fonts is trying to pick the right one. AMP Font Viewer makes life easier and allows you to view all of your fonts, plus it makes fonts easy to install. Without it, the average user will have trouble installing and viewing fonts properly. It’s free, it’s pretty and it’ll make your life easier. Don’t think, just install it now and thank me later ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Usually Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm a little scared of free fonts because of all the tweaking they require but this is a solid little collection. Thanks so much!

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