16 gig usb stick

A few months ago, my 8gb memory stick got snapped in half…

Since then i’ve been without a decent memory stick… i have a 128mb one on my keyring – that’s it…

Although i don’t NEED a massive capacity memory stick, it does come in handy now and then… for example downloading entire hard drives of stuff off college computers :mrgreen:

If i can’t find notes from a lecturer, i’ll just copy the entire drive and worry about finding them later 🙂

So for heading back to college, i’m gonna need something more than 128mb’s. Something fast too, and preferably bomb proof.

I’m thinking of going for a 16gb usb stick. They’re expensive (about €70+), but if i can find one that will withstand anything, i’ll buy one – it’ll be worth it just for peace of mind if anything).

It’s always handy to have backups of sites and databases with you at all times, plus huge programs like ms office, photoshop etc… 16gigs would allow me to carry all that.

So watch this space… i’m on the hunt for a speedy, ultra durable, 16 gig usb stick.

3 thoughts on “16 gig usb stick”

  1. yeah thanks becky, i’m just after ordering a 16gb corsair survivor drive…

    $34 is nothing – it’s times like this i wish i lived in the US :mrgreen:

    unfortunately the cheapest i could find it here was about 68 inc delivery or ~$100) .

    got it through ebay from germany… (germany is one of the cheapest countries in the EU for electrical stuff due to their low tax rate)…

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