16 days off from tomorrow

Starting from tomorrow, i have 16 days off. It’s a chance to knuckle down and go wild with my online work.

I have a lot lined up. So much that i’m gonna struggle to find time for myself!

It Gets Crazy Busy After Keynote
Creative Commons License photo credit: Sklathill

  • theleavingcert.com needs work – a lot of work has been done on it, but a lot still has to be done also.
  • beerchief will start to get my attention again.
  • this blog still needs to be sorted out – a lot of loose ends need tidied up.
  • my secret partnership / golfing site needs work and i’ll be revealing it shortly too.
  • i bought a domain name for an idea i have – an idea from my 18 random ideas list – more on that later too.
  • i hope to get involved in more partnership sites as i feel i work harder on those sort of projects.

Then of course i can’t neglect college work. I have a programming assignment that needs done, i’ve a network exam as soon as i go back to college, i’ve a software support assignment to complete… whilst i do have 16 days off from college those assignments and exams will always be playing in the back of my mind – every single day until they’re done.

Moving on from college work, i then have to finish reading my 3 books which i bought a while back. I’ve gotten through one and a half so far.

I also want to set a date or put in place solid plans for that skydive i talked about last year. Then we have the regular blogging, twittering, networking on a daily basis which is more ‘play’ than ‘work’ for me at this stage though.

It’s my birthday next week too, plus i hope to head away for a night to dublin the week after next.

That’s just all the stuff i have planned off the top of my head – there’s lost more to do. Busy, busy, busy… just the way i like it 🙂

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