1500 pages to study

The 3 books i ordered off amazon arrived today. At quick glance, it looks like money well spent. This is the first time i’ve bought educational books that i’m interested in. In total, i have over 1500 pages to get through plus a full CD of material. As you can see from the image below, i’ve already made progress 😈


I’ve already got stuck in to photoshop for dummies cs4 and picked up some great tips and tricks. It’s the smallest book out of the 3 and probably the easiest for me as i’m already familiar with photoshop. PHP and MySQL are alien in comparison.

Reading books is strange – i’m not used to it. On the plus side there are no distractions, no emails or tweets popping up. My eyes and brain are allowed to focus solely on the text and absorb it. I’m used to the fast and furious style of reading online – information hitting me from all angles, all at once.

Anyway, i’ll carry on reading now for the rest of the night. Oh and that killer post i was talking about will have to wait until next week. I’ve got too much to do now at the minute…

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