102 consecutive daily blog posts

new record

This is my 102nd consecutive daily blog post. So far in 2010, January 2nd is the only blip. Not only have i been blogging daily, i’ve been designing daily too. The image you see above is my 53rd consecutive custom daily design in photoshop…

My blogging philosophy

With blogging, there are no results, no rules, no boring stuff… you’re in control and you have the power to put words together which other people can only read. You’re reading. I’m creating. I win no matter how you want to look at it 😉

To write, usually requires deep thought, especially if it’s personal stuff you’re writing about (Reflection). Why is that good? Well for me it forces me to think about the past, present and future. Whether the time scale is in hours, days, years… doesn’t matter. The bottom line is i’m either documenting success, failure or experiences and by doing that, it helps me improve & keep track of things in my own life…

Creative Commons License photo credit: smemon87

By writing about things, i remember them better. That’s because i’ve spent a huge amount of time thinking about them. These days i also design images to summarize a post so that reinforces the learning process. I can recall what a blog post is about just by looking at the design. It triggers memories of how i came up with the design, why i used certain imagery etc…

So the posts & images are closely linked. The more i can remember, the better. I find it amazing how much we can forget in such a short space of time. I always forget the names of films and actors, but as soon as i see a few second of the film, i know what happens… i know the plot.

It’s like that with photos… they trigger memories and emotions which make them hugely important. Without them, you forget things. They act as reminders. So by blogging daily, designing daily and taking as many photos as possible, i reckon it makes me remember more. More knowledge. And knowledge as they say is power…

All good things come to an end

Some day, i’ll miss a day of blogging… i don’t know why or how but i know it will happen. The problem i now face is that i know i have this record going so it will be disappointing to say the least when it ends… so i’m more conscious of the fact that i have to blog daily now.

Dead End, close up
Creative Commons License photo credit: artnoose

The more routine it becomes, the higher the risk that i’ll just pack it all in and take a day off… just like college work… if it becomes routine and boring and i’m struggling to think properly, i’ll call it quits and do the bare minimum to get by, which in the case of this blog is probably nothing.

However, it’s much more difficult than you might think to stop blogging for me. I’m constantly changing the rules so i never really allow myself to get in to routine in terms of content – i can be blogging about airshows one day and chocolate the next and backup solutions the day after that. Completely random topics but it has to be that way as it doesn’t limit my thinking to a certain area.

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