1000th blog post

This post is a special one for smemon.com – it’s my 1000th blog post on this blog. Not only that, but this post is the one that tips my word count over the 250,000 mark!!! What better way to mark this landmark post by looking back and checking out some stats 😉

In total, i’ve had 3 themes on this blog… the current one (which i believe is the best), and these two..

  • I’ve been blogging for exactly 586 days. So i’ve averaged over 1.7 blog posts per day. Rarely do i miss a day either – i’m generally very consistent and tend to post at least once per day.
  • There have been 1683 comments left on the blog thus far.
  • Since i started tracking visits on Dec 12th 2006 (556 days ago), i’ve had 51,534 unique visits, 86,515 pageviews.
  • On average, that works out at about 93 unique visits per day, 156 pageviews.
  • 52% of all that traffic was from search engines.
  • My most popular post was my 18 random website ideas post with 8,807 pageviews (and counting).

Now here’s a list of some pretty strange terms (a) people have searched for and (b) have clicked on to arrived at my blog :mrgreen:

  • ‘Run over by train’
  • ‘A train running someone over’
  • ‘How do i become a dot com millionaire’
  • ‘How to get people jealous’
  • ‘How to wake up from being tired’
  • ‘irish killer’
  • ‘naked dare ideas’
  • ‘racist bebo skin’
  • ‘words that have i before e except after c’
  • ‘a diagram for a paper watch’
  • ‘a list of websites for 18 and older that allows sex’
  • ‘are you clever or dirty’
  • ‘blow your head off’
  • ‘can i survive being run over by a train’
  • ‘contact steve staunton’
  • ‘dare ideas for boys over 18’
  • ‘do you get run over by train’
  • ‘does george bush watch the simpsons’
  • ‘ex-girlfriends hate site’
  • ‘fun jokes about the gardai’
  • ‘graham langdon is a scam’
  • ‘harry potter falls down the stairs’
  • ‘i wish i could reach you on the internet’
  • ‘i’m so stressed about the leaving cert i want to die’
  • ‘irish crap for sale’
  • ‘irish internet sex shop’

Now why people would search for any of those terms is questionable, but why google would rank me highly enough to be seen for those terms is also questionable 😉 Also note how many people are looking for information on being run over by a train – i wonder if those same people are still alive today :mrgreen:

Anyway, i’ve had visits from 155 different countries around the world with a top 5 breakdown looking like this;

  • Ireland (17k+ unique visits)
  • US (13k+)
  • UK (9k+)
  • Canada (2k)
  • Australia (1k)

I currently have over 70 RSS subscribers and that has slowly been rising over the past few months. If you’re not a subscriber, be sure to subscribe with your favourite RSS reader or alternatively get updates by email here;

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If you don’t have a clue what RSS is, check out my RSS for dummies post 😉 Here’s what my RSS subscriber numbers graph looks like… (generally always rising!)

Anyway, enough with the stats, they’re always nice to look at and analyze – especially if they’re ‘climbing’ all the time – thankfully they are with this blog and have been since day one really.

The story so far

I started out blogging in November 2006 – it acted as a place to pull all my ideas and news together. At the time, i had a part-time job though, which pretty much became full time and that frustrated me because i had ideas, but i simply didn’t have the time to sit down and do something about them.

Because i didn’t have the time, i also couldn’t learn any new skills. Even basic html was a problem. CSS was a no go and i could just about open and save photoshop files and use the default toolbars to add text/colour etc…

So work was a real killer (which is why i quit in May 2007 after 3 and a half years). My first site was called theleavingcert.com – i set it up in August 2006 after my own leaving cert (final exams in school before college). Today, it’s crushing all competition in search engines for leaving cert related terms – a measure of how sharp my SEO knowledge is 😉

I then bought jpegr.com for $500 – a massive gamble at the time as it was a new site with few members and was a simple image hosting script. But i liked it and went with my gut. I sold it a few months ago for $1000 and in total i estimate it pulled in another $400 in ad revenue, so $1400 back on a $500 investment – i told myself this was the place to be – surely as i gain experience i can only get bigger and better.

I then started to write a few ebooks having built up quite a bit of knowledge on ‘making money online’ and after all, i’d done it myself. Those ebooks netted me over $2000. Combined with my knowledge on the subject plus my ability to write, it was clear from the 100% positive reviews, this was something i could do… I’ve written 3 or 4 ebooks at this stage, but you probably haven’t seen the last of them 😉

Moving on from what i’d called ‘short term’ income, i always knew the REAL money was in user driven sites. Bebo, Facebook, Myspace, even unknowns like jibble.com which sold for $16k…. myghetto.com which sold for over $100k… most of you guys never hear about the ‘small’ social networking sites – that doesn’t mean they’re not valuable as you can see from the above figures 😉

BeerChief was an idea i had when i was still a teenager -19… Now 21, it’s ready to be launched. Having had almost 18 months to think about it, it hasn’t become any less attractive to me. That’s rare. Never have i had an idea for so long that doesn’t go stale… usually i’ll convince myself it won’t work or maybe i’ll buy a domain and just lose interest after a while. Not with BeerChief…

In fact, the complete opposite has happened with BeerChief. I sought out a partner, bought all the major domain name extensions, plus started creating design contests…. things went quiet for a while – just like they tend to do after the hooneymoon period is over…. the gloss and excitement of an idea dies down and usually, it’ll die. But after a few month’s of being left in the cold, i came back even more determined than ever to make BeerChief a reality. My partner now shared my enthusiasm and we put our money on the table… $10k’s worth of it.

It will be very interesting to see how BeerChief develops… it’s not perfect and it’s not going to spiral out of control over night, but what we now have in BeerChief is a unique, quality site in a large niche… whether we’ve missed the boat or not is up for debate… had we come on the seen a year ago, or two years ago, things would have been easier… but do you honestly think i’d ‘risk’ $10k on something i didn’t believe would work? 😉

With my new office in place, i now have the tools to really push BeerChief out there and work on improving it further. Income is of course a concern, but i’m more concerned with building up assets. I don’t mind earning nothing short term if i’m building up a fortune in assets 😉

While BeerChief will take over my online life for the next couple of months, i still have college to keep me busy also. I started in DKIT last september, and i’ve two years left. 1st year was relatively easy and although i failed maths, i passed 11 other modules first time around without really trying. I’m not so naive as to think 2nd year will be the same – it won’t. Even if it is the same, i’ll still have to up my work rate if i want to go for gold and get an above 70% average.

Having said that, BeerChief will still come first. College degrees are nice to boast about but if you were hiring someone, would you really care about whether this guy in front of you has a 1st or 2nd class honours/ ordinary degree if he has a huge website behind him, backed by hundreds of thousands of members? I think not :mrgreen:

If i stay in college for the next two years, i’ll come out with some sort of degree – that’s not even up for debate. What ‘sort’ of degree it is however, will very much depend on how my online work goes.

Future of Blogging / smemon.com

A blog, by my own definition, is an ‘online diary’ and that’s what makes blogs so interesting… they’re personal, opinionated and full of rumours / rants etc… that’s why people love reading them. In the past 10 years, the world has gone ‘Reality TV’ crazy and it’s no suprise that with the evolution of the internet, blogs are becoming increasingly popular – why? Because they are ‘Reality TV’ only in text form.

Not just text anymore however; we’re now seeing video blog posts appear more often and in some cases 24hr streaming video casts. That’s the future not just for the big guns, but for YOU and I. Serious bloggers, in order to compete, need to get more personal – that’s my own view. It’s no longer attractive to readers to be writing about things – they want pictures, videos, audio….. a combination of all 3 if possible.

With the introduction of my new theme recently i’m beginning to make the move in to that territory. Over the past few weeks i’ve also created a twitter account plus brought to life my flickr account. These are things which all help to separate me from the blog before and after me. And in order to sustain readership and continually develop a blog, it has to get more personal. So now you can see the deeper level of thinking behind some recent changes to this blog.

1000 and counting…

Although it’s always nice to hit landmarks like this, the show must go on and i think any blogger will tell you the show WILL go on – with or without an audience. I love getting comments and seeing people searching /using / browsing this blog but even if traffic were to shrink or dry up all together, i’d still be blogging away… But because i’m such an avid fan of SEO, internet marketing, e-business, social networking etc… i don’t think we’ll see readership diminish any time soon.

The best has yet to come….

P.S this is the mother of all blog posts and takes up 5 full pages in MS Word… it took about 7 hours to write, so if you made it to the end it’s an achievement :mrgreen:

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  1. Fair play, man, fair play.

    Yeah I know that feeling too about what you’re saying after you buy a domain you think this is gona be great and then you get fed up of it and realise that it’s not gona work!

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