10 year anniversary, flying lesson & new years eve


You’d be forgiven for thinking i’m starting to neglect this blog. You’d be forgiven because you’d be right 🙂 Posts are starting to get scattered. One today, one the day after, one whenever it suits as opposed to one a day without fail. That trademark consistency has disintegrated. But that doesn’t mean i stop thinking, doing or writing…

Happy Annivers…ory

I very rarely mention my girlfriend here or anywhere online for that matter. Mainly because she doesn’t like being in photos or videos although you’ll find the odd one or two buried in my online accounts that have gotten her rare seal of approval . The thought of being exposed to a potentially unlimited, worldwide audience frightens some people. It doesn’t bother me at all these days, but i get why some people are like that… anyway, i’ve been with her for almost as long as i can remember. Before i started blogging, before i left school, almost before i discovered the internet 🙂 August 2001. 10 years on and there’s pressure for rings but the pressure can build all it wants 🙂

At 24, i’m still young. I won’t get engaged to get engaged, i’ll get engaged to get married. When will that be? I don’t know. Who will it be to? Let me think… 😉 Anyway, anniversaries aren’t normally a big deal with us. Celebrated but not birthday or Christmas type of celebrated. We went out for dinner at the weekend and exchanged gifts afterwards. That would all have been perfect were it not for the fact i had nothing to offer! The *second* i seen a card coming, i was mentally facepalming myself. Usually, we’ll have a verbal agreement for gifts… a set budget, an agreement of no gifts… too late, one of us got something, the other didn’t. Cue the guilt.

She got me a 1 hour flying lesson, plus this cake which if you haven’t been keeping up with my penguin posts, is going to look completely random…


Down, but not out

In a bid to restore confidence and faith, i did what i do best… think and write. Crawling through the memory banks, we always used to say we’d love to go to London for New Year’s Eve to see the big fireworks display. By the time we actually think about that though, it’s usually 5 minutes to midnight on new year’s eve, so we never quite make it over to London in time. I decided to check out flight prices & times and they were reasonable. Risky of course when it was -15 degrees that time last year but it’s the thought that counts, no? I booked the flights as we’d intended to go to London at some stage anyway again, so now this will force us to go. Stability has now been restored, guilt has been lifted.

Like i said earlier, there’s always people throwing stones from afar re: engagements. Because that’s how people get engaged you see… they listen to these ‘oh, so when’s the big day’ people & bow to that pressure 🙄 I was very tempted to post this on my facebook or twitter and leave it sitting there for a few days.


It would have been the ultimate trolling moment…

In other news

I’m beavering away at design / work and i should be able to formally announce what i’m working on shortly. I said 4 days ago my penguin video should hit 200,000 views within 7 days… it’s up at almost 400,000 views now so don’t let me near business account projections for a while 😉 Activity on the video has died down over the past two days or so (although still climbing in the 0000’s of views per day).

Some honors now include:

  • #1 Most discussed, Top rated, Top Favorited & Most Viewed ‘Pets & Animals’ video (Ireland) this month.
  • #3 Most viewed video (Ireland) this month.
  • #9 Top rated all time pets & animals video (Ireland)

That’s enough randomness for today, i’ll try to beef up my blogging consistency again starting from tomorrow…


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