10 seconds down, 1190 to go

Adobe After Effects
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Now that i’m beginning to find myself with a bit more ‘free’ time, i can focus more on video editing. I have about 6 weeks to complete a 20 minute production as part of a college project and so far, i have 10 seconds of it complete and what i’d call ‘world class’.

It took me about 5 hours to create those 10 seconds, so this is slow work, but the end product is worth it. I spent those 5 hours messing around in Adobe After Effects today and learning how it works and all the different shortcuts and tricks you can add to get that ‘word class’ look.

The end product is 10 seconds of extremely high quality editing that wouldn’t look out of place in a Blockbuster movie :mrgreen: There’s no way i can sustain that level of perfection of course, but the introduction is definitely going to blow people away and you know what people say about first impressions 😉

Once i’m finished this masterpiece, i’ll be creating a fancy introduction and ending to ‘official’ smemon.com videos and you’ll probably see me create more and more videos from now on. It requires patience, artistic flair, technical know how and of course a pretty high end PC.

I won’t reveal the work i’ve done today or most of the work i do from now until the end of this project as i think it’s better if you’re just blown away by the end product rather than bits and pieces of 10-20 second clips scattered all over the place.

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