10 reasons why you shouldn’t go on holidays…

Thinking of booking a summer holiday today, and then wondered if i should bother… here’s my top 10 list of reasons why you shouldn’t go on holiday…

Waste of money – it all costs money, that money could be invested in domain names, or snapping up new sites or funding new projects

Waste of time – why bother lounging around and sunning yourself? It only makes you lazy and lazy makes you fat and unproductive.

Too much Organiziation – passport, bags, tickets, maps, keys, make sure pen knife is off keyring, make sure doors are locked, blinds are left half open, alarm is on… all the stress.

Jet lag – you know you’re going to be tired after travelling.. so why not stay at home and not be tired, thus you’d effectively gain an extra few hours.

No internet (or less of it) – Lets face it, I want to cut down on our internet usage, so why should I go away when all I can think about is getting back to the internet

Presents – kids, mums, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents… firstly, presents cost cash, but secondly, they take time to buy and find. Why should i go on MY holiday, spend MY time and MY money, buying things for other people?

Missing the news – there’s ALWAYS something big happening when you leave home. It’s almost a rule that when you go on holidays, you miss out on some big news.

Question time – how was it, where did you go, what did you do, any pictures??? It’s a novelty at first and then it starts to get boring and then very annoying until you’re sick of telling people about it.

Nothing in the house to eat – so you get back at like 11pm, absolutely starving.. but there’s no food. A few gone off yoghurts in the fridge, bluemolded cheese and sour milk.. lovely.

No blogging – no posts = loss of traffic = loss of interest = loss in cash. People get fed up checking your blog and there’s nothing new in it. They then forget about you and subscribe to some other guy who NEVER goes on holidays..
And that’s why you should never go on holidays 🙂

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