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One of my most successful posts ever was ‘18 random website ideas‘. Over the course of a few days i sat down and came up with 18 website ideas. 3 years later and i’ve done the same thing again, only i didn’t quite make it to 18 this time 🙂

The same rules apply – there are no rules. Do i care if someone replicates my idea down to a tee? No. I’m sure some of these ideas already exist, such is the nature of the beast that is the internet. I just go with what i feel would work or what i think doesn’t exist or could be improved upon.. So let’s see what i came up with this time around….

1. Digital Graveyards

We’re all going to die at some stage and to me, this is an obvious niche online. When people die, you get messages of condolence etc.. on facebook profiles but after that, profiles go stale. Why not have digital funerals and digital graves for people to visit all year round. Automated alerts could be set up to remind about anniversaries or online gatherings.

Dedicated sites whose sole job it is to look after dead peoples profiles & data online. People could sign up, make digital wills and those with inheritance could access the deceased users material. You could even sign up and stay alive from beyond the grave… schedule secret facebook updates or email updates year after year…

2. How much?

A website where users can put a value on things. Lets say you want to sell your car. How much is it worth? You submit a bit of information, maybe some pictures and other users give you what they think is a reasonable value. Some users might be ‘experts’ in that area so you could filter results by trusted experts or by average joes.

3. Landmark Me

A social network where users upload pictures of themselves beside famous landmarks (e.g. statue of liberty, buckingham palace etc..). It acts as a ‘places i’ve visited’ map for users and users could also have a landmark ‘wishlist’. Each landmark could also have it’s own page detailing how many fans it has, how many photos have been taken of it etc… i bought the domain landmark.me a while back and i could well go ahead and build this site at some stage.

4. Girlfriend / Boyfriend Wishlist

Whether it’s that vampire guy or bieber, this site would be aimed at teenage girls, although i’m sure it could work for any age group / sex. You create a boyfriend or girlfriend wish list by selecting certain celebrities. Facebook app, twitter app, mash it all together, throw in some glitter and you have a traffic magnet on your hands.

5. Who wears the e-trousers?

A site which gathers data from individuals on their online presence and connections. If two people are together, the person with the largest online presence and connections wears the e-trousers. Simple. You could proudly display this on facebook profiles for example.

6. ‘Boss’ button

In a class or working in an office but not actually doing any work? You’re not alone. This boss button idea is a plugin for browsers which allows users to switch from facebook or youtube to boring, business like data. The data could be customized to excel spreadsheets, work website, email… whatever you want. You could also use ‘gestures’ such as moving your mouse quickly to the top right corner to activate the ‘boss’ button, just in case you don’t have time to click the button. Physical branded buttons could also be bought online and connected via usb to put underneath your desk, just like a panic button 🙂

7. How much do you earn?

A site which gets the average salary of people and provides all sorts of interesting stats on salary per industry, location, sex, company etc…

Obviously, the data would remain anonymous and you could submit as little or as much data as you want. E.g. just your salary and job or if you wanted, your location, sex, age, education, experience in job etc…

This would be extremely useful and interesting to give people an idea of what they should be getting paid, whether employers are overpaying etc… parents could use it to see how much pocket money an average 12 year old kid gets for example.

8. People Power Records

There are loads of world records being set day in day out. Most of them just involve doing something stupid with huge numbers of people. For example, my own college set a new record a couple of weeks ago for the largest ‘Rock the Boat’ gathering. We sat in rows and danced to ‘Rock the boat’ for about 7 minutes. This site would allow people to submit ideas and guage interest in certain events. So you sign up and if there’s a world record being attempted in your area you can register to attend the event. Each year, there could be one huge world record attempt which would try to bring the entire community together at an agreed location (location is voted for by the users).

9. My Tech Tracker

We’re always buying new PCs, new phones, new TVs… we have a rough idea of when we buy things but it drives me mad when people say ‘a few years ago’ when in reality they mean a decade. Older teachers /lecturers have a particularly bad habit of doing it. Anyway, my tech tracker would allow you to keep track of all your tech toys, where and when you bought them, how much for etc… Each user would have a profile and on it they’d have ‘current’ and ‘retired’ technology sections. Perhaps a wishlist too…

10. Rate the Ad

A site which allows companies or individuals to submit ads. Users rate them. They can be images / video / audio. The best ads are shown and promoted on the homepage. Why would anyone visit an ad site? Humour… viral campaigns… we have this idea that all ads are bad and evil. That’s the case for 90% of them. It’s the same crap repeated for weeks or months on end on TV channels. An ad might be funny once or twice, but when it’s repeated day in day out 24/7, it just gets annoying. Even more annoying when you’ve seen the ad 1000 times before and someone bursts out laughing because they’ve never seen it before, this is their first time… You can always tell who hasn’t been to the cinema in a while because they’ll be the ones laughing at the ads before the movie 😉

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  1.  yea, I don’t have a brain either, someone switched the creative off in it and I must rely on the internet to think. can I borrow someone elses brain? unfortunately there are no brains that match your cavity. Perhaps thats why you have to search the internet to judge your own creativity. Oh forgot you don’t have any.

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