10 hours of Video Editing

Yesterday, i spent 7 and a half hours + 2 hours at college video editing our trip to Microsoft, hence the reason i didn’t get blogging as normal.

The ‘official’ pictures & video totalled about 1.2 gigs, and remember, we weren’t allowed to record in Microsoft itself, so that begs the question how the hell did we rack up 1.2 gigs of media :mrgreen:

Most of it is build up from the morning and on the bus etc.. plus there’s a few interviews and stuff with people…

It’s a tedious job – video editing. One of the most creative challenges you can face as you need to combine appropriate music, pace and editing to suit every situation. It’s an artfrom in itself.

I’m far from an expert in this field, and have virtually no experience… i do have a creative streak in me though and i like the artistic / innovative side of technology so i view this as a perfect opportunity to flex my artistic talent and see what sort of end product i can come up with.

I’m not sure if i can upload this to youtube / online full stop, but i created it, so i probably could if i wanted, don’t worry, i’ll link to it over the next few days if i throw it up on youtube.

It’s top notch stuff, done with basic tools. Having spent over 9 hours working on this – almost non-stop, it would want to be top notch 😉

It feels good to complete a challenge like this and deliver a product you can be proud of. I guess it shows my ability to tackle something and not settle until it’s done and dusted, which is a skill/trait i’m eager to develop further.

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