10 days until my driving test..

A few weeks ago, i got a date for my driving test.

It’s 10 days away now.. when i thought about it and looked through all the forum questions and sites packed with information on it, i began to get a little hot under the collar. I haven’t taken a lesson in about 9 months :mrgreen: Although i’ve lessons booked for next week.

But then i came to my senses and said, ‘hang on a second, i CAN drive, and i’ve been driving safely for almost a year with no problems’ 🙄 All of this information just hypes the test up and puts you inder false pressure imo.. have a look at the marking sheet – what a load of rubbish.


looking at that, you’d think, oh flip, there’s about 100 different areas i can be marked down on. In reality there’s about 5 big areas and the rest is all common sense or common driving sense.

If i was mentally weak, i’d crack up looking at these websites and the amount of questions and answers on them.. i’d be a bag of nerves for the test and probably fail. It’s no wonder we have a 50% failure rate here..

But being as laid back as i am, nerves won’t come into it. I’ll just treat it as another trip around town with a tonne of semtex in the passengers seat 😆 I’m not going to sit here and tell you i’m all nervous and don’t expect to pass and bla bla – i don’t play that sly card where secretly i expect to pass but i’ll tell everyone i think i’ll fail just to lower expectations. That’s a cowardly way of doing things and certainly not my style.
I’m telling you now, i expect to pass as the test is too easy. If i fail, big deal, i won’t be the last. I’ll continue driving either way 😛

4 thoughts on “10 days until my driving test..”

  1. I failed twice before passing. I “supposedly” wasnt looking in mirrors. Twas the same tester that failed me both times. Passed 3rd time with a differend tester 2 weeks after failing second time. mirrors werent a problem. The tester has alot to do with if u pass or fail .good luck with it anyway

  2. yeah the mirrors are dodgy, i’ve been told to move my head around rather than just change my eye direction, as the tester mightn’t notice that. 😎

  3. I passed on my first time. Had some luck though because I didnt park in correctly and forgot to blink once. But I guess my tester was cool and just gave me the licence ;).

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