10 days of college left

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My 3 year degree course is coming to a close and i find myself with just 10 days of lectures and labs left after tomorrow. I’ll not be having a bonfire with my notes just yet though… i have exams on May 11th, 13th, 18th & 20th. I also have several projects and assignments (and tests) to complete over the next 10 days. So it’s the final push…

For my own benefit, here’s what i have to do over the next 10 college days;

  • Complete a project schedule using Microsoft Project by 19th April.
  • Computer Security report due on 22nd April.
  • Computer Services report due on 23rd April.
  • Test in Systems Administration on April 27th.
  • Project documentation due by 27th April.
  • Project application due by 27th April.
  • Project presentation to lecturers (tba)
  • Professional Mentoring interview (tba)

It’s only when i sit down and make a list of everything that i begin to realize how hard we work 🙂 As you can see from all the above, these last couple of weeks will be far from easy… it’s the same every semester – there’s always cramming from both students & lecturers. Lecturers begin to realize they’re running out of time and need to give exams and get their house in order before we leave (most of my modules involve a fixed continuous assessment mark) and then it’s almost compulsory for students to leave everything until the last minute – that’s just how we do it here in Ireland, although i think us Irish are outnumbered in my own course by non-Irish citizens.

Away from college, and i’m still inching closer to launching that mystery site. I also have a new client site to start work on. Busy times. A lot of it not easy, not fun but it’s simply a case of steamrolling through it all and not looking back. Once i get these next 10 days over me, it should be plain sailing through the exams.

They won’t be easy, but assuming i do reasonably well in my continuous assessment marks (so far i’ve no reason to believe otherwise), i should get my ‘successful’ results in June which will mean i’ll pick up my first ever degree & formal qualification in IT.

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  1. yeah it's always a pain this time of year but i just try to think of the results in june – sure as hell don't want to repeat anything! not a nice feeling knowing you have to repeat an exam and wait all summer to repeat it… (i failed maths in 1st year)

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