1 week on, 2 weeks off

easter holidays

This is my last week stuck in college before easter holidays, which consists of two weeks off 🙂 It’s bitter, sweet as usual.


I have several assignments due. Some this week, some soon after we come back. Either way they have to be done. I also have a project to complete, document & present. It’s the nightmare subject which i really don’t want to be doing.

My ‘project’ is a really poor, half hearted version of dk.itisdown.com. Why is it poor & why is it half hearted? Because i was FORCED to use asp.net and microsoft access for the database. Everything from scratch, no scripts, no open source stuff…

It took me about two weeks to get dk.itisdown.com up and running. I’ve had about 7 months to work on my project and it’s nowhere near as polished / useful. What have I learned more from? dk.itisdown.com. Why? Because it’s a real site… it was built using open source stuff. Plugins, templates, wordpress, bit of my own hacking… i’ve learned much more from building it than i have in the 7 months i’ve been working on my own (offline) project.


I’ll be rolling out another new site over my easter break. I started work on it last summer and i mentioned it once or twice without disclosing it’s name or idea. Summer came and went and it took a back seat for a while but i’m still convinced this is a good idea, a useful site / service and i’m eager to get it up and running now.

Apart from that, I can’t do too much over easter because i will have college work too (remember this is my last semester in my current 3 year course so on paper it’s the toughest), but the one thing i want to finish is getting all of my sites and servers moved and sorted out.

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