1 month from today

Windows 7 launches 1 month from today. A new operating system for most of us means getting that new, lean, mean feeling back.

The switch to windows 7 will be a big one for me. I’ll not only be switching to 7, but i’ll be switching from 32 bit to 64 bit – opening the door for more RAM. As i write this post, i’m using 1.9 of my 3 GB’s and that’s with my ‘regular’ apps open.


As soon as i install Windows 7, i’ll have 25% more RAM available to me (as i have 4 gigs currently installed, but 32bit Vista can only read 3 gigs). However, i also plan to completely re-organise EVERYTHING whilst i’m at it.

Music, videos, documents, design work… i have plenty of it and although i like to keep things relatively clean and tidy on my PC, things could be much more organised. So i intend to buy another internal hard drive to double or triple the 500GB’s of space i already have.

In total, i have about 500gigs of stuff scattered across my netbook, external hard drive and desktop, but ideally i’d like to keep everything in the one spot (and have it well organized). I really can’t afford to have my desktop PC out of action for more than a day or two, so in order to make the move to 7, i’ll have to start planning NOW and moving things around NOW.

I can then just wipe my hard-drive, install another and install a fresh version of 7 when it arrives. Loading everything back on and installing applications is the hard / time consuming part, but it will be worth it!

It will give me a new injection of life as everything will feel faster and easier to use 🙂

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