wordpress speed

5 tips to speed up your wordpress site

As part of this site’s latest makeover, I went all out to optimise its performance. Like an F1 car, the slightest of adjustments can have a big impact on performance so I’ll run through my top 5 tips for optimising wordpress… First things first, you need to establish a benchmark. You can’t improve something by measuring […]Read more

speed and consistency at last

For the past several months, my home broadband has been plagued with speed & consistency problems. Worse than dial-up speed one minute, 7mb the next. Peak times were the real killer…Read more

chrome 4.0 is upon us

Google Chrome has grown up and is now at version 4.0. Up until now, it’s been a fast reliable browser but lacked the bells and whistles firefox had. photo credit: fsse8info Chrome 4.0 brings with it a 42% performance boost over the old Chrome (which was faster than most browsers anyway!) plus it brings with […]Read more

Google DNS -v- Open DNS

Having tested out google’s new public DNS service, i decided that whilst i was at it, i’d give OpenDNS a go. I’d heard of OpenDNS as it came up as a good solution whenever ISP’s were overloaded with attacks. I also know a bit about DNS (forced in to studying it at college) but the […]Read more

google trying to speed up the web

Today, google have announced a new public DNS set up that they reckon will help speed up the web. If you don’t have a clue what DNS is then don’t go messing around with your network settings – it’ll only end in tears. DNS stands for domain name system, and basically it connects words to […]Read more

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