A morning without an email

The first thing i do every morning is roll over to my left hand side, switch off the alarm on my iPhone with the top button (without opening my eyes) and then go back to sleep. I do this about 10 times within 20 minutes until it gets to the stage where i’m awake and […]Read more

Domain Renewal Group Spam

At one stage i had over 70 domains names registered. These days i’ve cut back a good bit and it’s down to about 20 but ever since i first registered domains, i’ve been getting these spammy letters from Domain Renewal Group. I know i’m not alone in getting these spam letters but i thought their […]Read more

tag, you’re it!

One of the biggest changes facebook made the other day with their new profile design was the introduction of tagged photos to the top of a users profile page. This is a very smart move by facebook but it’s also something users need to be aware of and careful with…Read more

twitter spam

One of the main reasons i use twitter is to keep an eye on breaking news or search for news i know is breaking. That can be hugely valuable. Knowledge is power as they say and knowing something first or before other people, gives you power. Twitter offers every single one of us the chance […]Read more

Bebo Fail

Bebo was the first social network that i joined that ‘worked’ as a social network. It was simple, clutter free (unlike Myspace) and had just about every person in the country (in Ireland) on it. Once they added apps and introduced ads a couple of years ago, it’s just gone downhill steadily. Spam is a […]Read more

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