Social SEO

Earlier today Matt Cutts tweeted about a webmaster video he created which answers the question “Does Google use data from social sites in ranking?”. The short answer is yes which confirms what a lot of people have suspected…Read more

do we still need old media?

Newspapers, magazines, news channels… what are they filled with today? More than likely something about wikileaks as a main headline, perhaps the new facebook profile update as a minor update and in between they’ll be filled with old news we all knew about yesterday anyway thanks to real time updates from twitter & facebook…Read more

no regrets getting an iphone

A couple of weeks ago i bought an iphone and also switched to a pay monthly contract for the first time. It’s already become an indispensable little tool…Read more – google alternative?

I got an invite to this search engine called – normally new search engines are dead before they get going… But scour is different. Firstly the results are pulled from google, yahoo and msn so the actual search content is top notch. Secondly, if you don’t get the results you want you can vote […]Read more

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