Facebook Security Features

I think I’ve had my Facebook account compromised once over the years. That was an unrecognised login from Brazil which at the time Facebook alerted me to. This was before the days of most of their account security features…Read more

how to download your facebook profile

Ever wanted to download your entire Facebook profile? Sure you have… whilst my Facebook account has never been erased or hacked, there’s a first time for everything. Although i trust Facebook to keep my account data safe, they give you the option of backing up your account data and this week i think i’d back […]Read more

get paid to hack google chrome

Google are now offering $500 in cold hard cash to anyone who submits a valid security bug report. If your find is particularly important, the reward could stretch to $1337… (only the techies will appreciate that seemingly random number!). photo credit: paulamarttila So if you’re the type of person who regularly discovers loopholes in chrome’s […]Read more

Google DNS -v- Open DNS

Having tested out google’s new public DNS service, i decided that whilst i was at it, i’d give OpenDNS a go. I’d heard of OpenDNS as it came up as a good solution whenever ISP’s were overloaded with attacks. I also know a bit about DNS (forced in to studying it at college) but the […]Read more

air travel needs to be less stressful

I’ve spoken about it before, just last month in fact, but this news article on caught my eye… photo credit: abdallahh Almost 90 passengers missed their flights at Dublin airport this morning as a result of delays at airport security. Aer Lingus said 35 of its passengers did not make their flights, while 50 […]Read more

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