adding google custom search to wordpress

One of the new features i’ve added to this blog is the google custom search engine. Previously, i only used the wordpress in built search function but it’s not very accurate and, well, it’s not google.Read more

real time google search

It’s taken a while, but Google have finally integrated ‘real time’ to their search results. At the minute, it appears to be extremely popular terms that return have real time results. ‘Tiger woods’, ‘x factor’ etc… basically hot news items. I’m not sure if google plan on having real time results on the frontpage for […]Read more

coming up on the outside…

This ‘geansai gorm’ SEO competition has really taken off… on November 1st there were 2220 results returned in for the term ‘geansai gorm’. 6 days later, it’s at 10,500. So far, i reckon there’s at least 12 sites that follow the rules and are indexed in Although i got off to slugish start […]Read more

cuil – another search engine

A few days ago i blogged about – a new search engine. I now have it as my default search engine in firefox. I think it’s a very promising search engine which is gonna take a hammering for being seen as a ‘paid to search’ ‘scheme’. People don’t understand that it’s an added incentive […]Read more

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