Rome Trip Review

Think of European cities and Rome will probably be among the first to pop in to your head. Nice climate, nice food, lots to see and do… it’s hard to avoid Rome if you’re a fan of city breaks. I spent 4 nights in Rome from 14th-18th August and i’ll share some reviews, tips and […]Read more

iPhone 5 Review

I upgraded to the iPhone 5 when it was launched here in Ireland a couple of weeks ago. I was switching from an iPhone 4 so this was 2 generations up for me…Read more

iPad review – two months on

It’s been over months now since i treated myself to the new iPad. Now is perhaps the best time to review it, when the novelty factor has worn off…Read more

Out of the way peasants, iPad guy coming through…

That’s what i think to myself any time I see people taking photos / video with an ipad. There’s a time and a place for taking photos or videos with an iPad and that time is ‘never’. The place? ‘Nowhere’. Anyway, i’ve added my name to the list of iPad owners. 3rd Gen, Black, 16GB […]Read more

September 2011 Review

I’m a bit late with the review, but these monthly reviews are important to me so better late than never… in September started designing & coding a bit more (photoshop, html, css and some jquery) and i also revamped…Read more

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