Faulty RAM!

A couple of weeks ago, i got a new graphics card and some RAM. The new graphics card replaced what i correctly guessed was a dead graphics card. I installed the RAM and that was that, or so i thought. Since then, i’ve been having some fairly random problems…Read more

My PC needs surgery

When i got my current PC, Man Utd were a month away from being crowned champions of europe, 2008. I had no major hardware problems with it up until yesterday when my graphics card failed. The result was an infinite loop of streaky, colourful boot screens…Read more

iPhone tracker app for windows

Over the past couple of days, there’s been a big fuss made over Apple’s ‘secret’ location tracker on the iPhone. Whilst everyone was huffing and puffing over privacy & security, i was delighted to hear it existed and was easily accessible via an app. However i was disappointed to discover the app would only run […]Read more

fixing problems

Although i’ve done it for years, i don’t even realise i’m doing it most of the time. Fixing things. When things go wrong, i have to get them back to normal ASAP – i’ll spend all day trying to fix a problem with one of my PC’s if something is up. photo credit: RadioDeer Today […]Read more

1 month from today

Windows 7 launches 1 month from today. A new operating system for most of us means getting that new, lean, mean feeling back. The switch to windows 7 will be a big one for me. I’ll not only be switching to 7, but i’ll be switching from 32 bit to 64 bit – opening the […]Read more

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