The problem with Apple Maps is that it’s not Google Maps

I grew up thinking a vacuum cleaner was called a ‘hoover’ and to ‘hoover’ something meant to suck it up off the ground using a ‘hoover’. I still call it a hoover, most British / Irish people do and everyone knows what I mean. But it’s not a hoover. It’s a vacuum cleaner. A hoover is […]Read more

changing a sat nav battery

Recently, i noticed the battery in my Garmin Nuvi 610 sat nav was dying, or almost dead. It had a life of about 30 seconds if it wasn’t plugged in to the car charger…Read more

lifetime GPS map updates

A few years ago i got a Sat Nav for Christmas from my girlfriend. The main reason i got this particular model (Garmin Nuvi 610) was because it had bluetooth so it doubled as a handsfree kit for the car…Read more

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