Thumbs up for AppleCare

Last Tuesday, i sent my iPhone 5 away for repair. I didn’t have to but i wanted to because i knew there was a slight problem with it that would probably only have gotten worse as time went on. Yesterday (6 days later) i received a new iPhone 5…Read more

iPhone 5 in for repair

I’m sending my iPhone 5 back to Apple for repair. It’s under warranty for another week so i decided to send it in while i still had the chance. The sleep / wake button isn’t working properly and needs to be pressed at a certain angle to function properly. Even then it can be a […]Read more

Apple, iOS7 & the iPhone

A year to the day, i published this post about iOS6 and improvements i’d like to see in the ‘next’ iPhone and iOS7. Now that both have been announced / launched, i’ll look back and see just how many of those 11 improvements have been included in the new iPhone and iOS7…Read more

The problem with Apple Maps is that it’s not Google Maps

I grew up thinking a vacuum cleaner was called a ‘hoover’ and to ‘hoover’ something meant to suck it up off the ground using a ‘hoover’. I still call it a hoover, most British / Irish people do and everyone knows what I mean. But it’s not a hoover. It’s a vacuum cleaner. A hoover is […]Read more

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