iPhone 5 Review

I upgraded to the iPhone 5 when it was launched here in Ireland a couple of weeks ago. I was switching from an iPhone 4 so this was 2 generations up for me…Read more

The problem with Apple Maps is that it’s not Google Maps

I grew up thinking a vacuum cleaner was called a ‘hoover’ and to ‘hoover’ something meant to suck it up off the ground using a ‘hoover’. I still call it a hoover, most British / Irish people do and everyone knows what I mean. But it’s not a hoover. It’s a vacuum cleaner. A hoover is […]Read more

11 ways the next iPhone can be improved

It’s easy to say you’re disappointed by something, not so easy to offer up solutions or improvements which requires more thought, effort and risk. iOS6 launched today and having played around with an earlier version, the latest release and having read about all the iPhone 5 has to offer, here are some things i’d like […]Read more

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