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Chrome 15 Released

Google Chrome 15 has been released. It seems like just last year i was talking about Chrome 5 and oh wait, i was. That’s the pace at which the Chrome team roll out updates and the average Joe at his desk doesn’t even know it, because it’s all updated automatically. So let’s see what’s new with this […]Read more

chrome extensions i can’t do without

Whenever i’m in a lab at college the first thing i’ll do is go to Internet Explorer or Firefox and download Google Chrome. I just can’t use any other browser these days…Read more

Chrome is the future

I’ve been running Google Chrome 5 for what seems like months now (it’s probably weeks) and it’s by far and away the fastest browser out there. It’s still in BETA testing right now, but i’d imagine it will be going live very shortly…Read more

get paid to hack google chrome

Google are now offering $500 in cold hard cash to anyone who submits a valid security bug report. If your find is particularly important, the reward could stretch to $1337… (only the techies will appreciate that seemingly random number!). photo credit: paulamarttila So if you’re the type of person who regularly discovers loopholes in chrome’s […]Read more

chrome 4.0 is upon us

Google Chrome has grown up and is now at version 4.0. Up until now, it’s been a fast reliable browser but lacked the bells and whistles firefox had. photo credit: fsse8info Chrome 4.0 brings with it a 42% performance boost over the old Chrome (which was faster than most browsers anyway!) plus it brings with […]Read more

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