the designer that isn’t a designer…

I’ve never considered myself a designer… i can design in the sense i can visualise things, pull them together in photoshop and ‘hack’ stuff to make it fit. I also have a great appreciation for design but i don’t think it’s enough to call myself a designer. The problem is, people with no appreciation for […]Read more

addicted to multitasking

I’m not used to working with just one monitor and one computer. Usually, i have 3 running simultaneously so i feel a bit ‘lost’. All of my design work is done on my Windows PC. That’s right, not my Mac mini. Despite the fact i’ve been using a Windows PC and a Mac simultaneously for […]Read more

mobile command center

So long as i have more monitors & computers at home than i do anywhere else, home will always be my main base. Yesterday i spoke about a new monitor & keyboard i got for ‘work’, so here’s some pictures…Read more

converting ideas in to designs

I’ve racked up quite a few designs & templates over the past couple of weeks for a project i’m working on. I’m not a designer, but i think it’s critical to be able to convert thoughts in to pictures when it comes to web development, otherwise too much is left open to interpretation which can […]Read more

another blog design revamp

Yesterday and today i’ve been busy working on this blog. Last night, a new theme went live and today i’ve polished it up some more. The end result is a fairly smooth, simple theme which looks pretty similar to what went before it, only this one is a bit more fine tuned and classy…Read more

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