football font

Football Trophy Font

Earlier in the week, I posted about the benefits of using SVG and why i was using it in a project of mine (to create football trophies). Today, i’m revealing the world’s first football trophy font…Read more
svg quality

how and why you should use SVG images on your site

Apple created a problem for web developers when they first introduced their retina HD displays on mobile devices. The problem was that if you wanted your images to look pixel perfect across all devices then you needed to create two images – one for normal devices, one ‘HD’ version for retina displays..Read more

Slim and Sass

I don’t tend to post many web development posts these days which is a shame. It’s what I do on a daily basis so i’m always learning and picking up tips and tricks. I realised I’ve never spoken about slim or sass here before yet they both make me a happier web developer and save […]Read more

timelapse video of infographic design

After creating my ‘comparison of Irish supermarkets on facebook design‘, it occurred to me that people just see the end product and judge it within seconds. Seeing how people work is always interesting, so i decided to create another infographic and record myself starting out on an intimidating blank canvas…Read more

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