iPad Air Review

Thinner, lighter, faster and easier to hold in one hand than its predecessor. The official cover is also much better… you can now hold the cover and the iPad won’t fall away…Read more

Don’t knock Bitcoin until you understand it

It’s been over week since my last post about Bitcoin Mania and since then the price has risen from about $700 to a new all time high of $1200 (although it crashed down again and is now hovering at $1k). Pyramid scheme you say? Tulip Mania? The market sets the price so nothing is guaranteed, […]Read more

Bitcoin Mania

Bitcoin as a currency is an ingenious invention – perhaps the biggest & best since the internet itself. Processing & managing money online is a *massive* problem for everyone excluding banks and credit card companies. A world without banks & credit card companies would be a better place. Conspiracy theorists often talk about a new world […]Read more

Ungit – making Git user friendly

Version control is to developers what a log book is to a mechanic. You don’t *need* it to make something work, but you know you can and should be using it for everything as it will ultimately save time, expense, give you peace of mind and make life easier in the long run for everyone […]Read more

Football Trophy Font

Earlier in the week, I posted about the benefits of using SVG and why i was using it in a project of mine (to create football trophies). Today, i’m revealing the world’s first football trophy font…Read more

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