can’t post. busy.

Now that my 400 day+ streak has ended, there’s less pressure on me to blog daily. When i say i’m busy, it means i’m busy. It doesn’t mean i’m just saying it for the sake of saying it…Read more

February 2011 Review

It’s hard to believe it’s now Spring and i have less than 3 months left in college. I’m not complaining though, in many ways time can’t move fast enough. In February, i didn’t get up to anything interesting… it was a long, tiring month thanks mainly to college work and a total wipeout of my […]Read more

collaboration tools

Over the past few weeks i’ve been working on a new project with 5 others who are spread across the country. Meeting up is difficult due to work / college / life… it’s rare all six of us will be free at the same time on the same date…Read more

35 days of classes left

I have 35 days of classes in college left. Easter break is exactly 47 days away and i get two weeks off for that. After that, i think we have a study week then we’ve got final exams…Read more

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