back in the blogging routine

This is now my 8th consecutive daily blog post. It’s nothing compared to my last run of 1 year+ but the last time i put together 8 consecutive posts was in February / March. Over 3 months ago. I’m happy i’ve finally managed to get back in to a routine though…Read more

apple changes music again

Here’s what i said in December 2010… “It’s in Apple’s best interests to give people the option of a cloud based music service. The day will come when music moves to the clouds, just like everything else. I don’t think we’re ready for it yet, i don’t think the technology is mature enough, but if […]Read more

photo investments

Quite often i’ll take photos of stuff with the future in mind. Let’s say i pass a bin full of rubbish, i’ll be thinking to myself, “hmm… that could be used as a metaphor for something in a blog *snap*”… then it’ll get uploaded to flickr and released under a cc licence for anyone to […]Read more

enough with the photos already!

I still have a mountain of photos here from my holiday last week that have yet to be edited & uploaded. I am slowly getting them online though, one by one. At times i think some shots are rubbish, then i think well actually they’re not too bad and with a bit of work could […]Read more

that time of year again

Although i complain about college exams and not liking certain subjects, things could be much worse… i could be doing the leaving cert, again. Although this will be of scant consolation to the leaving cert class of 2011 at this very moment, in my view things get easier once you get out of that exam […]Read more

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