College Results Déjà vu

This time last year i was blogging about how my exam results were coming out tomorrow. That would be my first degree. Today, i’m talking about the same thing all over again… college results are out tomorrow and i’ll pick up my honours degree in IT Management…Read more

kill the contact form?

Recently i’ve been questioning the value of having a contact form. If somebody contacts me via the form, i tend to give it priority over everything else, it’s the same on my other sites. However most of the time, people are basically asking for something which eats up my time and rewards them whilst doing […]Read more

The lazy man’s approach to photo editing

Today i edited and uploaded over 500 photos to my flickr account (well there was about 300 uploaded when i published this). When you’re dealing with that number of photos, you can’t afford to spend time manually editing them one by one so i used google picasa‘s ‘i’m feeling lucky button’ to batch auto edit […]Read more

maths – the subject everyone loves to hate

Today, most students came out of the Maths leaving cert exam (paper 1) upset and angry at what many felt was the toughest paper on record, at least at higher level. Maths for me was my worst subject and it still is (but luckily i no longer have to be examined on it!). Here’s my […]Read more

cloud this and cloud that

The day before the leaving cert is traditionally our busiest day of the year on How busy? Well, as we found out on tuesday, busy enough to crash the server it was hosted on…Read more

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