Google Chrome Print Preview Feature

A couple of weeks ago, Google Chrome rolled out a new ‘print preview’ feature. For years, Chrome users (myself included) have demanded a print preview option. For a lot of users (particularly in the workplace) print preview is very important and it’s why a lot of people stuck with Internet Explorer…Read more

Generic Pie Chart

Today i wanted to beef up my photoshop skills and figure out how to speed up the process of designing pie charts. I managed to do that but then i created a separate challenge for myself…Read more

Butlers Chocolate Factory Experience

Until today, i’d never been inside a chocolate factory but i’d seen Willy Wonkas chocolate factory in the movies, so i knew the processes & people involved As our friendly guide said (think she was ‘Grace’ but not 100% sure!), Butlers *have* umpa loompahs, they’re just called ‘employees’…Read more

another wave of video uploads

As i write this i’m uploading another half a dozen or so videos to my youtube. These videos are from my trip to Croatia & Bosnia Herzegovina back in May…Read more

London Riots

We’re used to seeing riots up the road in Belfast, but it’s a different type of riot. The riots in London are not politically or religiously motivated, they’re simply a convenient disguise for looting..Read more

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