how to kill birds with stones

I’m pretty sure you can find out how to do that (literally) online, no doubt google or youtube will bring up examples… but i’m gonna talk about killing birds with stones in the metaphorical sense…Read more

April Fools 2010

Over the last few years, April Fools day has become pretty serious stuff. Google always take it very seriously and at this stage, probably have an entire department working on April Fool prank ideas all year round. It’s a chance to be creative and this year more and more companies seem to be grasping that […]Read more

How to Recover Data

A few years ago, i was on holidays in Barcelona. I had one camera and one memory card. On my last day there my camera gave me a ‘memory card corrupt’ error. Gutted. After taking the card out and putting it back in 100 times, i finally had to concede that it was indeed corrupt. […]Read more

destroying data permanently

So you want to delete a file, eh? Permanently. Delete it in to oblivion. FBI proof. Most people just delete things and by default send them to the recycle bin. Most people don’t even know what the recycle bin does or that it can be emptied. Of those that do know about it, they think […]Read more

Free Backup Solutions for Windows

How often have you closed a browser window and then a few seconds later had a “****, why did i do that!” moment? Or what if your usb stick snaps in half or a hard drive fails or gets abducted by aliens? This is where backups and planning can come in handy…Read more

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