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Freak Soccer Accident

One of the lads was browsing about on youtube today in college and we came across this video of a soccer match and a freak accident.

We were pissing ourselves laughing for about 10 minutes and at first glance i thought it was a cleverly edited video, but no, it’s real :mrgreen:

I don’t want to spoil the video, just play it 🙂

Now there’s something you don’t see every day. You can’t help but laugh at the slow-mo replays 😆

  • Heh, nice video.

    Any luck on the blog revamp? 😀

  • smemon

    i’m reluctant to mention the revamp just yet as i’ve a few small details to sort out, but yeah, i’ve agreed a deal with the designer i pm’d you about 😎

    i’ll dedicate a post to it once i get confirmation all is ok and ready to roll 🙂

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