shipping costs to Ireland from 100 popular online retailers

Shipping is an issue that comes up time and time again for companies that are selling online. How much do we charge? How to we calculate shipping? Do we offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount? Do we offer free shipping on the first order only? Do we take a hit on shipping […]Read more
new website design

Does my ass look fat in this?

A somewhat rhetorical / trick question usually used to go fishing for compliments. Why ask it? Because this site has gotten a revamp and i’m open to feedback. is now a landing page showcasing my services and portfolio of work, the blog is now located at…Read more

Death to printers

Inket & laser printers that is. A while back, my Samsung CLP-315W started to jam and yesterday i finally got around to pulling it apart and investigating the problem…Read more

iPhone Bill Pay Plans on O2 Ireland

One thing that has always annoyed me is the way mobile phone operators bring out new price plans at a rate of what seems like every 6 months. I’ve noticed there’s a set formula to them…Read more

Desktop Spotcheck November 2011

Last week my PC broke so i took the opportunity to fine tune my work space. The basic layout never changes but i do always try to move things about to either making them easier to use or harder to use…Read more

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